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General meeting GDR CORREL, 27-29 November 2013, Paris

UPMC, Campus Jussieu, Building Esclangon, Amphitheatre Durand

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Local organizers Scientific committee Invited speakers
  • Carlo Adamo
  • Michele Casula
  • Peter Reinhardt
  • Julien Toulouse (email)

GDR Office (other than local organizers):

  • Nadia Ben Amor
  • Michel Caffarel (director)
  • Chantal Daniel
  • Emmanuel Fromager
  • Stefano Evangelisti
  • Timo Fleig
  • Gérald Monard
  • Paola Nava
  • Valérie Vallet
  • Evert Jan Baerends
  • Garnet Chan
  • Jürgen Gauss
  • Christian Ochsenfeld


The French research network "GdR Correlation" organizes its general meeting at UPMC on the Jussieu campus in Paris on November 27-29 2013. The topic is recent developments of new electronic-structure computational methods in quantum chemistry.

The first day, four international speakers will give a pedagogical lecture (in English) on the state of the art and perspectives of different methods. Each presentation will be followed by a discussion with the audience. The aim is to promote the diffusion of these methods within the French theoretical chemistry community. The four lectures will be:

  • Evert Jan Baerends, Perspectives on density-functional theory and density-matrix functional theory
  • Garnet Chan, Perspectives on strongly correlated electrons
  • Jürgen Gauss, Perspectives on coupled-cluster methods
  • Christian Ochsenfeld, Perspectives on correlated linear-scaling methods

The second and third day will give the opportunity to the French community to present their work via 25-min oral communications (in French or English) and posters.

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